Brokerage Services

As owner representatives, we formulate and implement comprehensive marketing strategies that expeditiously identify and reach targeted office, industrial, or retail tenants or purchasers. Situs Properties, Inc. represents tenants and purchasers in the lease and acquisition of property, assisting them in defining acquisition criteria as well as identifying and evaluating all options.

Landlord Representation

As Landlord representatives, Situs Properties, Inc. implements strategies for obtaining an optimal retail tenant mix, or the “highest and best use” for a property. We use direct mail, public relations and advertising to effectively reach any targeted market. Vacant or partially developed land is evaluated for the greatest development potential by reviewing current or pending zoning restrictions. We can call on an array of affiliated engineering and land development professionals to consult where appropriate.

Asset Disposition

Situs Properties, Inc. will implement a marketing strategy for the sale of investment or user real estate resulting in maximum exposure to the marketplace and achievement of the highest possible sale price. We maintain relationships with most of the prominent investors and developers that are actively engaged in real estate investment in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and can quickly reach prospective purchasers. Situs Properties, Inc. forecasts an asset’s financial performance by analyzing current market conditions and considering future trends.


When positioning investment real estate for sale, Situs Properties, Inc. will implement a leasing strategy consistent with investment objectives leading to maximization of the price achieved at the time of sale. We pair investor criteria and risk with the appropriate real estate investment. When structuring a transaction or ownership entity, we evaluate tax exposure and deferral. We can assist in obtaining favorable financing terms to enhance the return on investment. When selling owner occupied real estate, we can identify prospective purchasers both by type of business and geographically so as to quickly and efficiently implement an effective marketing strategy.

Tenant Representation

Situs Properties, Inc. acts in the capacity of site selection for a number of users of office, retail and industrial facilities. When selecting properties that meet client requirements, we analyze population demographics, transportation patterns, corporate and personal taxation, operating costs and renovation expenses. Our real estate database and extensive market knowledge enables us to identify all available properties and compare their features and benefits. We also analyze the merits of renovating an existing facility relative to new construction.

Site selection is customized depending on the type of property that is required. Retail facilities are chosen based on retail exposure and access to target markets. Offices are typically chosen based on corporate image and locality to key employees and customers. Medical facilities typically require exposure, ease of access, and strong identity. Manufacturing facilities are typically located near employee and distribution networks. Distribution facilities need to be strategically located with access to major road networks.

When suitable alternatives are identified, we perform detailed financial analyses including rent projections, analysis of operating expenses, and estimates for additional rent enabling clients to compare alternatives on an even basis. Market trends, supply and demand, future availability and a myriad of subjective factors are taken into consideration when making recommendations. We recognize that capital commitments associated with purchasing or leasing real estate are typically significant, and every detail is carefully examined on behalf of our clients.